Samstag, 10. Januar 2009

A Website Transfigured

The previous content for this domain name contained the message of a manufactured church based on race. This was offensive for two reasons: I am of German descent and I am an Orthodox Christian.

National Socialism of the 1930s and 1940s was an aberration of German culture; a political ideal based on race and an invented German romanticism. A racially exclusive church based on these failed and evil ideas cannot be truly German, nor can it be Orthodox.

Also, an Orthodox church cannot be invented or "started" by individuals. It must be an organic extension of one of the ancient Churches as evidenced by apostolic succession, adherence to the accepted theology, and being "in Communion" with the other Orthodox Churches.

In case you are wondering what used to be at GermanOrthodoxChurch, you can read it at the following website

The website above is a directory of various independent liturgical churches and bishops. Almost halfway down it mentions a group called the German Orthodox Church. The directory maintains some of the text that was part of the old website. I will not reproduce it here.

Based on the religious practice of Eastern immigrants to America, the former owners of GermanOrthodoxChurch most likely misunderstood the nature of Orthodoxy and assumed that Orthodox belief was intrinsically organized around ethnicity. Read the following article regarding the Heresy of Racism...


Derek hat gesagt…

Christ is risen!

Glad to have found your blog. I am a new Orthodox Christian with deep ties to Austria (Not Germany, I know, but related). I'm visiting friends there in just over a week's time, and plan to attend the Russian Orthodox cathedral there in Vienna. I'm not sure yet if they celebrate the Liturgy in German or Russian, but I have seeking a German translation of the Divine Liturgy just in case. As of yet, I haven't found one online. Do you know a resource where I could access this?